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Landscape photo of the woods with green foliage and a grassy path leading through.

Our campus overlooks the City of Syracuse in the heart of New York state. 发现 amazing restaurants, 历史建筑, 自然与野生动物, 五指湖, the Great Lakes and much more.

Things To Do in Syracuse and 纽约中部

Photo of the city of Syracuse.

Syracuse experiences all four seasons, providing year-round activities and entertainment. Whether exploring performance venues and sporting events or enjoying outdoor spaces and wildlife centers, the area offers activities and cultural experiences for everyone.



Outdoor Seasons in 纽约中部
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Most Populous City in New York State
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Glacially formed Finger Lakes of Central and Western New York are among the state's most beautiful lakes.
Photo of a gallery on campus.


Syracuse thrives as a regional entertainment hub, 有博物馆, 艺术画廊, performance venues and an array of annual events. Some favorites among our students are cultural and music festivals like Taste of Syracuse, Winterfest, 波兰节日, 希腊节日, 纽约州蓝调音乐节, the AmeriCU Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival and the Great New York State Fair.

发现 the arts and entertainment scene
的 outside of 盐城街市.


Syracuse has a diverse culinary scene with global flavors. Neighborhoods offer tastes from Poland, Greece, Thailand, Mexico and beyond. Syracuse also has the 盐城街市, which serves as a cultural hub, showcasing dishes from around the world, 包括埃塞俄比亚, 牙买加, 中东, Southern soul foods 和更多的.

An image of the Regional Farmers Market.


Syracuse is home to the eighth largest mall in America, 美国的命运, that sports familiar storefronts and a wing of discount outlet stores. If you step off campus or take a short trip downtown, you’ll find a wide variety of local boutiques and shops. Close to campus, you’ll also find supermarkets, small grocers and international food markets.

Students in the sailing club at 澳门线上赌场.


More than 170 parks and natural areas surround Syracuse. For those who want to escape into nature, the 6-million-acre Adirondack Park is just a two-hour drive northeast, and the Catskill Mountains are less than two hours southeast. And throughout the region, residents can enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, 徒步旅行, 滑冰, 游泳, 摘苹果, 漂流, 骑自行车, camping and horseback riding.

Experience outdoor activities

No matter the season, my friends and I are always doing stuff outdoors. Some of my best memories at Syracuse have been made skiing at  歌山,徒步旅行 绿色的湖 and having picnics in Thornden Park.

People on boat in 绿色的湖 park.

户外活动 Organized by 澳门线上赌场

Barnes Center at 的 Arch offers exciting ways for students, faculty and staff to enjoy outdoor recreation activities in all seasons. 发现 户外探险 旅行, 滑雪和雪鞋中心, 网球和高尔夫 和更多的.


Whether it’s 游泳 in the gorges in 伊萨卡, exploring the lakeside shops in Skaneateles, visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame in 库珀斯敦,或者去 尼亚加拉大瀑布, Syracuse is surrounded by vibrant towns and tourist destinations that are perfect for a day trip.


的re are many ways to get out and explore Syracuse. Many of the spots popular with students—including parks, restaurants and shops—are just a short walk or bike ride away from campus.

校园里穿梭 has direct routes to 美国的命运, Tops Supermarket, Target and the downtown area.

Taxis and major rideshare companies operate in and around the city.

其他 transportation resources can be found through Parking and Transportation Services.