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Syracuse University trolly bus.

Information for Community and Visitors

Syracuse University has a variety of resources and information for the surrounding community and visitors.

City of Syracuse

The City of Syracuse

Whether it’s the breathtaking natural scenery of all four seasons or the range of indoor and outdoor activities, the City of Syracuse and surrounding areas have something for everyone. Highlights include diverse cultural experiences, historic architecture and fine dining.

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Syracuse Stage.

Community Partnerships

Syracuse University extends a supportive hand with local programming that addresses pressing issues and advances community well-being. The University is committed to active civic engagement and its role as a catalyst for positive change in the region.

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Campus on a sunny day.

The Shaw Center: Academic Community Engagement

The Shaw Center provides institutional leadership for community engagement that enhances academic learning objectives, research and the student experience.

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Additional Resources

Syracuse University Events

We offer countless campus events that welcome community members and support our students’ academic, intellectual and personal development.

Connective Corridor

The Connective Corridor is a civic engagement initiative that seamlessly connects Syracuse University to the City of Syracuse and Onondaga County.